Situated at the entrance of the Langhe is also said "the door Langa". There are no documents on the origin and source of the name, but once the area was inhabited by a Celtic tribe, the Ligurian Bagienni, on whose language can be traced back to the meaning of "extended fortress".
Of great interest is the "Bue Grasso" exhibition held every year on the second Thursday before Christmas. It has become a traditional event and business folk, also known beyond the borders of the town, with the aim of promoting the breeding of Piedmontese cattle favoring the consumption of meat of excellent quality.
The Piedmont Region, since the 85th edition of December 14, 1995, attribute to the exhibition the status of "regional" and after 98th edition of 11 December 2008 changed into "national".
Simultaneously with the liestock exhibition it is also held weekly market that, for the occasion, is greatly expanded.
There is also the exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment. In those days in the restaurants, since early morning, you can taste the local dishes such as boiled meat with sauces and tripe soup.