Nestled in a beautiful natural valley of the hilly in the south-western of Langhe in the south central of Piedmont, Dogliani offers visitors a vast and varied territory to explore.
It is a land of beautiful landscapes, offers large agricultural resources including the delicacy of its wine and is characterized also for catering and hospitality.
It is possible to enjoy the typical cuisine of the Langhe that over the years has maintained its typical taste, the simplicity of expression of the territory.
Among the delicacies remember raw meat salad, tajarin, fondue and agnolotti; all it flavored by the unmistakable flavor of the truffle.
Among the dishes is the Cisrà, traditional soup of tripe and chickpeas, a symphony of culinary tastes and simple flavors .
A friendly partner of this good food is the Dolcetto wine of Dogliani. Friendly flavor of this wine is well suited to accompany either the poor or rich cuisine also at international level.